GNU Make – Install and maintain multiple tools and versions

The idea is to use the power of GNU Make to simplify installing and maintaining multiple tools with multiple versions.

The point on keeping multiple versions is to be able to:

1 – Reproduce results from papers;

2 – Be able to reproduce your own results from the past.

The way I organize it is by using a root directory named “tools” with a subdirectory per tool. Each tool have a subdirectory per version. The tree looks like:

├── diamond
│   ├── 0.9.25
│   ├── 0.9.26
│   ├── 0.9.27
│   └── 0.9.28
└── picard
    ├── 2.21.1
    └── 2.21.2
    └── 2.21.3

In the /tools I have a Makefile that contains:


.PHONY: all help

all: diamond/0.9.25/diamond \
    diamond/0.9.26/diamond \
    diamond/0.9.27/diamond \
    diamond/0.9.28/diamond \
    diamond/0.9.29/diamond \
    picard/2.21.1/picard.jar \
    picard/2.21.2/picard.jar \

## diamond.................. diamond/%/diamond
    @mkdir -p diamond/$* && \
    cd diamond/$* && \
    wget -c$*/diamond-linux64.tar.gz -O diamond_$*.tar.gz && \
    tar xf diamond_$*.tar.gz && \
    rm diamond_$*.tar.gz

## picard................... picard/%/picard.jar
    @mkdir -p picard/$* && \
    cd picard/$* && \
    wget -c$*/picard.jar

help: Makefile
    @sed -n "s/^## //p" $<

If you type “make help“, the output looks like:

make help
diamond.................. diamond/%/diamond
picard................... picard/%/picard.jar

If you type “make” alone, all versions will be installed. To speed it up, one can use “make -j 4” to run 4 installations in parallel.

If you need only a specific version (i.e. picard v. 2.21.2) you can use:

make picard/2.21.2/picard.jar

This strategy along with Environment Modules has been proven useful – at least for me 🙂

More on Environment Modules in a future post.


GNU Make –

Environment Modules –

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