Selective Bash history

Often I want to keep a registry of some commands I have used. Yes, Bash history can take care of it. However, here I am more interested in keeping track of a some commands, not all of them. Also, I want to have a copy of the register of the commands inside the working directory.

One possible solution for that is to use the Bash builtin “fc“. I have created a function named “sc” for “save command” and add it to my .bashrc file:

sc() {
    echo "# ${dt}" >> history
    fc -ln "$1" "$1" | sed '1s/^[[:space:]]*//' >> history

First, “sc” function retrieve the date and store it into “dt” variable;

Next, the date is printed (appended) to a file named history. By doing that, it is possible to check when the command have been issued.

After that, “fc” command retrieve the last command and sed takes care of the extra spaces.

One example:

$ touch foobar
$ sc

$ cat history 
# Mon 09 Dec 2019 07:26:27 PM CET
touch foobar

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