i3 (gaps) Config file

Just sharing my i3 config file (~/.config/i3/config) 🙂

It goes with: xcompmgr, rofi, dunst, nm-applet, parcellite, i3blocks, i3lock, feh.

# Set Mod to "windows key"
set $mod Mod4

# Set gaps
gaps inner 8
gaps outer 5

# transparency
exec xcompmgr -c -f -n

# Starts dunst for notifications:
exec --no-startup-id dunst

# Font for window titles. Will also be used by the bar unless a different font
# is used in the bar {} block below.
font pango:monospace 12

# Use Mouse+$mod to drag floating windows to their wanted position
floating_modifier $mod

# start a terminal
bindsym $mod+Return exec konsole

# start firefox
bindsym $mod+Shift+w exec firefox

# kill focused window
bindsym $mod+Shift+q kill

# start dmenu (a program launcher)
bindsym $mod+d exec "rofi -show run"

# change focus using the cursor keys:
bindsym $mod+Left focus left
bindsym $mod+Down focus down
bindsym $mod+Up focus up
bindsym $mod+Right focus right

# move focused using the cursor keys:
bindsym $mod+Shift+Left move left
bindsym $mod+Shift+Down move down
bindsym $mod+Shift+Up move up
bindsym $mod+Shift+Right move right

# split in horizontal orientation
bindsym $mod+h split h

# split in vertical orientation
bindsym $mod+v split v

# enter fullscreen mode for the focused container
bindsym $mod+f fullscreen toggle

# change container layout (stacked, tabbed, toggle split)
bindsym $mod+s layout stacking
bindsym $mod+w layout tabbed
bindsym $mod+e layout toggle split

# toggle tiling / floating
bindsym $mod+Shift+space floating toggle

# change focus between tiling / floating windows
bindsym $mod+space focus mode_toggle

# focus the parent container
bindsym $mod+a focus parent

# focus the child container
#bindsym $mod+d focus child

# switch to workspace
bindsym $mod+1 workspace number 1
bindsym $mod+2 workspace number 2
bindsym $mod+3 workspace number 3
bindsym $mod+4 workspace number 4
bindsym $mod+5 workspace number 5
bindsym $mod+6 workspace number 6
bindsym $mod+7 workspace number 7
bindsym $mod+8 workspace number 8
bindsym $mod+9 workspace number 9
bindsym $mod+0 workspace number 10

bindsym Mod1+1 workspace number 11
bindsym Mod1+2 workspace number 12
bindsym Mod1+3 workspace number 13
bindsym Mod1+4 workspace number 14
bindsym Mod1+5 workspace number 15
bindsym Mod1+6 workspace number 16
bindsym Mod1+7 workspace number 17
bindsym Mod1+8 workspace number 18
bindsym Mod1+9 workspace number 19
bindsym Mod1+0 workspace number 20

# move focused container to workspace
bindsym $mod+Shift+1 move container to workspace 1
bindsym $mod+Shift+2 move container to workspace 2
bindsym $mod+Shift+3 move container to workspace 3
bindsym $mod+Shift+4 move container to workspace 4
bindsym $mod+Shift+5 move container to workspace 5
bindsym $mod+Shift+6 move container to workspace 6
bindsym $mod+Shift+7 move container to workspace 7
bindsym $mod+Shift+8 move container to workspace 8
bindsym $mod+Shift+9 move container to workspace 9
bindsym $mod+Shift+0 move container to workspace 10

bindsym Mod1+Shift+1 move container to workspace 11
bindsym Mod1+Shift+2 move container to workspace 12
bindsym Mod1+Shift+3 move container to workspace 13
bindsym Mod1+Shift+4 move container to workspace 14
bindsym Mod1+Shift+5 move container to workspace 15
bindsym Mod1+Shift+6 move container to workspace 16
bindsym Mod1+Shift+7 move container to workspace 17
bindsym Mod1+Shift+8 move container to workspace 18
bindsym Mod1+Shift+9 move container to workspace 19
bindsym Mod1+Shift+0 move container to workspace 20

# reload the configuration file
bindsym $mod+Shift+c reload

# restart i3 inplace (preserves your layout/session, can be used to upgrade i3)
bindsym $mod+Shift+r restart

# exit i3 (logs you out of your X session)
bindsym $mod+Shift+e exec "i3-nagbar -t warning -m 'You pressed the exit shortcut. Do you really want to exit i3? This will end your X session.' -b 'Yes, exit i3' 'i3-msg exit'"

# resize window (you can also use the mouse for that)
mode "resize" {
        # These bindings trigger as soon as you enter the resize mode

        # same bindings, but for the arrow keys
        bindsym Left resize shrink width 10 px or 10 ppt
        bindsym Down resize grow height 10 px or 10 ppt
        bindsym Up resize shrink height 10 px or 10 ppt
        bindsym Right resize grow width 10 px or 10 ppt

        # back to normal: Enter or Escape
        bindsym Return mode "default"
        bindsym Escape mode "default"

bindsym $mod+r mode "resize"

# Start i3bar to display a workspace bar (plus the system information i3status
bar {
	font pango:DejaVu Sans Mono
	position bottom
	tray_output eDP-1
	status_command i3blocks
	separator_symbol |

# Brightnessctl
bindsym XF86MonBrightnessDown exec brightnessctl s 10%-
bindsym XF86MonBrightnessUp exec brightnessctl s 10%+

# volume
bindsym XF86AudioLowerVolume exec amixer set Master 5%-
bindsym XF86AudioRaiseVolume exec amixer set Master 5%+
bindsym XF86AudioMute exec amixer set Master toggle

# lock screen
bindsym Control+mod1+l exec i3lock

# scratchpad
scratchpad, scratchpad show;
grow right 400, resize grow down 100, resize grow up 100, move scratchpad;
bindsym $mod+Shift+t move scratchpad
bindsym $mod+t scratchpad show

# run nm and clipboard manager
exec nm-applet 
exec parcellite

# change focus
bindsym $mod+Control+Right workspace next
bindsym $mod+Control+Left workspace prev

# rename workspace
bindsym $mod+Shift+n exec i3-input -F 'rename workspace to "%s"' -P 'New name: '

# check on borders
bindsym $mod+Shift+b border toggle
default_border none

# wallpaper
exec feh --bg-scale /home/user/Pictures/wallpaper.jpg

# lock and suspend
bindsym $mod+Control+Shift+l exec "i3lock && systemctl suspend"

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